Manufacturers Represented


idec  Industrial Controls -  oiltight switches; relays; sockets;  light towers; PLCs Operator Interfaces; True color detection; laser ranging; Analog output distance sensor. PLCs. Power supplies.

hitachi  Variable Frequency Drives Seven series from ¼HP to 500HP. Models range from compact designs with full Smart functions to full features and functional versatility, new Intelligent Sensorless Vector models. 

adalet  Enclosures Industrial electrical enclosures, Explosion proof, NEMA 4X Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Thermal Management, increased safety, Flameproof, Control Stations, Operators, manual motor starters, circuit breaker panels, more…

iboco  Extensive Line of  Wiring Duct Systems and Components for faster, effective, efficient installations. Wiring Duct and accessories, Din Rail and accessories, Spiral Wrap and Braid Sleeve, Flexible Liquidtight Conduit, Fittings, and small Polycarbonate Enclosures.

cool muscle   Integrated Servo Systems.  Cool Muscle is an Integrated servo system. All of the necessary hardware and electronics are combined into one package. Products include: Integrated Motors, Planetary Gears, Linear Actuators, Accessories, Software

 bwi eagle   Wireless and Specialty Industrial Controls Offering discrete/contact closure, handheld remotes, wireless communications, and soon to be released wireless analog capability. Models with ranges from 300 feet to 25 miles. Speed switches, sensors, dust suppression and specialty DC-DC converters.

bh electronics  Transformers & Inductors - inductors, chokes, filters, baluns. Hi- freq power, data communication, common mode chokes, video products, surface mount, custom assemblies. 20 Khz to 1 Ghz .

nelson  Name Plates & Membrane Switches Decals, EL Back Lighting, Deadfront Panels,Signage, Switch Assemblies, Embedded LEDs , Front Panels ,Overlays, EMI Shielding, NCAP Displays

lumitex  Custom Fiber Optics. Lumitex manufactures custom backlighting for Membrane Switches, Keypads, Overlays, LCD’s, and other Displays. Also, design and manufacture custom fiber optic devices.

central components  Connectors - Full line of connectors (standard or custom). D-Subs, Edge Connectors, SCSI, HDMI, Fiber Optics, IC sockets, BNC, Cable Assemblies, etc.

pioneer magnetics    Switching Power Supplies -  High power AC to DC and DC to DC custom and standard.   Military and Commercial applications: ■ Large computer systems Telecommunications    ■ Publishing & Printing   ■ Process Control   ■ Medical