Company Profile

Excellence in Service
Since 1985

Since our inception in 1985, Panamtech has been a representative to manufacturers in the territories of Florida and Puerto Rico. Proudly, we are recognized among our clients and manufacturer's alike as a top notch sales firm providing solid technical support for each product represented. We have fun at it too!

It is our on-going philosophy to bring educational training as well as professional working experience to both large and small corporations in the arena of representation. We often provide technical seminars throughout the territory on the various lines we carry. This "hands-on" philosophy has been the core of our success.

Not only to we have a diverse mix of products...we provide our clients with a diverse mix of expertise. Our advanced technical background provides each customer with the support necessary to make their projects a success. We specialize in design and production in both industrial and manufacturing worlds.

Panamtech has four offices thorughout the State of Florida to ensure superior service...Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando and Tampa. Our bilingual staff opens territorial boundaries facilitating communications many clients in Florida and Puerto Rico.

While OEMs are a big factor in our work, we are proud of the strong relationships we have developed with our distributors throughout the decades. Our philosophy of technical sales support carries through with our distributors as well. We commit ourselves to their success as well as our own.

Thank you for your interest in Panamtech.